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Finishing Room Audits

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Finishing Room Audits
Finishing Room Audits
Finishing Room Audits

As a full service provider of paint and spray systems, at Norris-Wiener/Bay State Spray Equipment we can leverage our sizable resources and many years of experience to provide thorough finishing room audits that deliver comprehensive analysis of your operation.

Our paint finishing process audits dig deep into the nuts and bolts of your operation, starting from the basics. We'll look into why a particular process is used; often evolution of a process may not be the optimal solution. We'll let you know what's being done right and what's being done wrong, including an assessment of quality and uniformity.

Audits can also be aimed to help with compliance issues for ISO, DEP, fire safety, insurance, and various federal regulations. The end result will be a clear picture of where your operation really is, and detailed plans for the future state of the process.

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Finishing Room Audits Specifications

Audits the paint finishing process

  • Why they use that particular process?
  • What they do right/wrong?
  • Uniformity
  • Plans for the future state of the process

Audit help for:

  • ISO
  • DEP
  • Fire
  • Insurance
  • Compliant to Federal Regulations

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